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Python + PHP Web Developer

Boost your career or improve your employability by mastering Python and PHP web-development. Course open to : professionals, the self-employed, employees, job-seekers, private individuals.

(beginning) April 17 - 2023
(beginning) May 09 - 2023

  Project-focused training
  Certifications included
  A dedicated mentor

PHP Certification   Symfony Certification   Python Certification

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  400+ hours of Training
  Profesional certifications

Web developer, a job in high demand

This sector is seeking to recruit new talent. As a developer, you will be responsable for analysing the specifications and technical feasibilty of a project ; for coding the programs ; for running the tests on the web applications to discover any defects and correcting the coding.

This is a very demanding profession in a highly technical context which requires a lot of hard work and aptitudes for studying the tools and techniques of integration and web development. The candidate must be concise and rigorous, analytical, logical, extremely reactive and very flexible.

Aims and pre-requirements

The aim of this training course is to acquire the skills needed to accompany businesses in their digital conversion. In particular, you will learn :

+ find algorithms and translate it in pseudo code,
+ carry out web integration in HTML5 and CSS3,
+ write SQL for your web application data,
+ create interactivity with Javascript, jQuery and Ajax,
+ coding your web applications in Python language,
+ use Django and PHP to code your web applications,
+ use Symfony to create your web applications,
+ use GIT for version management,
+ implement several web projects.


You can attend this bootcamp with Online Instructor Led (in a Live virtual classroom), or Online self-paced. The aim of recording the lessons is to propose replays. Lastly, the content is relayed by Discord.

Bootcamp modules

Each module of your training, led by an expert in the field, is broadcast in Virtual Class (Live) and Online self-paced. The Virtual Classroom uses ZOOM and allows: access to chat, webcam, screen or application sharing, to ask questions in real time. The broadcast schedule is provided after your final registration.

Training Duration: 400+ Hours
  •   HTML5 & CSS: how to create modern websites
  • Description

    In this training, you will learn how to create modern websites using HTML5 and CSS3 languages: installation, use tags, create CSS styles, create professional forms, add multimedia elements and publish your site. Prerequisites: Know how to use a computer, know how to use a web browser.

    Short outline

    • Introduction to HTML5
    • Master HTML5 markup
    • Cascading style sheets (I)
    • Lab: HTML5 CSS3 (I)
    • Use HTML5 forms
    • Cascading style sheets (II)
    • Lab: HTML5 CSS3 (II)
    • Audio, video and FTP publishing

    Complete syllabus

  •   Getting started in algorithms with Java
  • Description

    In this online training, you will learn how to write algorithms in pseudo code and translate them into Java code: basic structures, choices and loops, arrays, functions and procedures, object-oriented algorithms. You will also have a first approach to Java programming. Prerequisites : Know how to use a computer, programming concepts.

    Short outline

    • Introduction to algorithms
    • Algorithms: choices and loops
    • Introduction to the Java language
    • Creating arrays
    • Functions and procedures
    • Object Oriented Programming (I)
    • Object Oriented Programming (II)
    • Labs

    Complete syllabus

  •   Mastering SQL language with MySQL
  • Description

    In this training, you will learn how to manipulate a database with the SQL language: create and alter objects, update (insert, delete, update) and select data. This skill is needed to connect your apps to data. Prerequisites : Know how to use a computer, basic Excel concepts.

    Short outline

    • MySQL Getting Started
    • Data definition
    • Mastering SQL update clauses
    • Modify data structures
    • Selecting data (I)
    • Selecting data (II))
    • SQL joins and subqueries
    • MySQL Labs

    Complete syllabus

  •   Javascript programming
  • Description

    In this training, you will learn to program in JavaScript and create interactivity on a web page: syntax, functions, events, handling the DOM, forms, AJAX calls. This training is the entry point to client side programming.Prerequisites: HTML5 language, algorithms concepts.

    Short outline

    • Javascript - introduction, tools, code
    • Master Javascript syntax
    • How to create functions
    • OOP, JS Events and Exceptions
    • DOM: selection, modify tree
    • How to process forms
    • Browser Objects
    • Master Ajax calls

    Complete syllabus

  •   jQuery programming
  • Description

    In this training, you will learn to program in jQuery and to create rich and cross-browser web sites: jQuery selections, handling the DOM, knowing how to process events, forms, JSON and AJAX calls. Prerequisites: HTML5 language, Javascript programming.

    Short outline

    • Selections with jQuery
    • How to manipulate the DOM
    • How to process events
    • Labs (I)
    • Mastering JSON and Ajax calls
    • Labs (II)

    Complete syllabus

  •   GIT - source code management
  • Description

    GIT allows you to track changes to your code and organize your projects. In this training, you will learn how to track changes to your code and how to organize your projects and deploy them with Git and GitHub: installation, configuration, basic commands, branch management, taking into account common errors, etc. Prerequisites: Programming concepts, use a programming language.

    Short outline

    • Introducing GIT
    • Installation and handling
    • Basic commands
    • Branch management
    • GIT and GitHub
    • Common errors

    Complete syllabus

  •   Python programming by hands-on
  • Description

    In this training, you will learn to program in Python language: syntax, functions, strings, files and modules, object-oriented programming, interact with an SQL database. With these skills, you can then do Python for: the web, Datascience or Big data. Prerequisites: Know how to use a computer, programming concepts.

    Short outline

    • Python - handling and syntax
    • How to create functions
    • Processing strings
    • How to manipulate files
    • Python modules
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Using database
    • Labs

    Complet syllabus

  •   Django: web development with Python
  • Description

    In this training, you will learn how to create web applications with Django: Python callbacks, MVT model, routing, models and views, using the ORM, retrieving and validating inputs, scaffolding and the Django administrator, internationalization and deployment. Prerequisites: Programming concepts, use a programming language.

    Short outline

    • Django Introduction
    • Routing, views and templates
    • Database, ORM
    • Models and Views
    • Management of forms
    • Django Admin
    • Internationalize the application
    • Deployment and maintenance

    Complete syllabus

  •   Python API and REST Web Services
  • Description

    In this training, you will learn how to create REST web services using Python, Django and FastAPI: REST web services, creating a REST API, using Django and the REST framework, APIViews and ViewSets, Endpoints and deployment. Prerequisites: Python programming, Django framework.

    Short outline

    • Web Services and APIs
    • Django framework
    • Django and the REST framework
    • APIViews and Viewsets
    • FastAPI framework
    • Endpoints et deployment
    • Advanced Features
    • Tests

    Complete syllabus

  •   Creating dynamic PHP web applications
  • Description

    In this training, you will learn to program in PHP and to create dynamic web applications connected to data: syntax, functions, retrieving and validating entries, linking PHP to SQL databases, managing persistence and authentication, understanding and use object-oriented programming. Prerequisites: HTML5 language, SQL language and databases, Javascript language.

    Short outline

    • PHP - introduction, tools, code
    • Master PHP syntax
    • Know how to create functions in PHP
    • How to retrieve and validate entries
    • Bind PHP to SQL data(I)
    • PHP Persistence and Authentication
    • Object-oriented programming
    • PDO - bind PHP to SQL data (II)

    Complete syllabus

  •   Advanced PHP, Doctrine and Web Services
  • Description

    Want to learn more about PHP? This training teaches you how to create object-oriented PHP applications using specialized libraries and Web services: master OO syntax, implement MVC, use PDO and Doctrine ORM, XML/XSL and server transformations, create and consume SOAP and REST Web services, using Ajax, secure and optimize your application. Prerequisites: OOP Concepts, use PHP language.

    Short outline

    • PHP language
    • Object-oriented PHP
    • MVC design
    • PHP and data: PDO, LDAP
    • Doctrine ORM
    • XML - RSS
    • PHP and web services
    • PHP and AJAX
    • Securing and optimizing an application
    • Other applications

    Complete syllabus

  •   Symfony : web development
  • Description

    In this training, you will learn the concepts of Symfony and how to create MVC web applications using this framework: installation, MVC pattern, templating with Twig, controllers, ORM Doctrine and models,forms, services and events, security of web applications. Prerequisites: Programming concepts, use PHP language.

    Short outline

    • Introduction
    • Create a page, routing, tests
    • Views with Twig
    • Use Doctrine ORM
    • Forms and security
    • Services
    • Events, Observer
    • Assets and Webpack Encore
    • Deployment

    Complete syllabus


Your training course leads to certifications in PHP, SYMFONY and PYTHON 3 thereby valorising your skills and advancing your career within your company. The certifications we propose are recognized in France, the US, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands.
Certification PHP chez Reconvert

Zend PHP

This PHP certification measures and certifies the trainee’s skills and abilities. It is taken in normal exam conditions in a certified center or online.

Certification Symfony chez Reconvert


This Symfony certification measures and certifies the trainee’s skills and abilities. It is taken in normal exam conditions in a certified center or online.

Certification Python chez Reconvert

Python 3

This Python 3 certification measures and certifies the trainee’s skills and abilities. It is taken in normal exam conditions in a certified center or online.

References and testimonials

In over 15 years we have trained more than 2,000 employees in web development. Several well-known certifications validate your training (Python, PHP, Symfony).

Excellent quality, the teacher knows how to create an environment of trust and confidence which makes the training really enjoyable. The course was dynamic and easy to understand. The trainer is an excellent instructor.
J. Ruiz
The Moneytizer, Mexico

The training session with you was awesome, really interesting and full of useful information. I’m currently a Cloud & Big Data engineer with Micropole, Paris. Thanks.
A. Chuttoo
Micropole, France

These 4 days have been enriching. After a training-course in HTML and then CSS, the one on Javascript gave me a lot more knowledge and skills in client side web development.
J. Salgueiro
The Moneytizer, Brazil

Other references :

Click on the logo. .

Capgemini Atos Allianz TheMoneytizer CPAM M2iFormation Global Knowledge Ikea Hewlett Packard Department of Defense AKKA Ministry of the Interior AFP Enedis Viveris Titeflex Others


Would you like to be pre-hired before starting training? If so, we'll send your CV to several recruiters as soon as your application is accepted. Before submitting your application to the recruiter, Reconvert RH ensures:

  • review of CV and cover letters,
  • the selection tests and interviews,
  • detailed candidate screenings,
  • verification of LinkedIn profiles,
  • reference verifications,
  • personalised HR advice.

Want to be pre-hired?

IT Mentoring

To help you learn faster there’s nothing like a individual tutor who’s an expert in the field. Each trainee has the option of being accompanied by an IT tutor. Your tutor is an IT expert with several years of experience in the given subject.

Included in IT mentorship

  • Live coaching on projects,
  • Expert IT advice,
  • 4 (four) 1:1 Discord sessions per month,
  • Help in overcoming particular difficulties.

Course rates

Once your application has been accepted, you have the choice of several options to attend your bootcamp:- in a Virtual instructor-led class (LIVE), or via Online self-paced. Click to see what is included in each plan.

PRICE : $4200 to $6000

  •   Attend a Virtual instructor-led class
  • Virtual instructor-led classes bring together the instructor and the students in live interactive sessions in particular with:- access to chat, sharing of webcams, screens and applications, questions in real time, hand-raising, sharing of documents. We use Microsoft TEAMS or ZOOM platforms.

    Price : $6000.

    To finance your training, read below.

    Included in the course :

    • Access to 112+ LIVE sessions,
    • Support on Discord,
    • PDF materials provided,
    • IT certifications,
    • 24/7 Replay access for 100 days,
    • IT Mentoring (option),
    • Pre-hiring (option).

    Apply now

  •   Online self-paced
  • With Online self-paced format, the lesson is webcast AND turored. In fact, you are never left to work alone – you are able to interact asynchronously with the instructor via a dedicated Discord channel. The lesson is accessible during 100 days on our dedicated LMS platform.

    Prix : $4200.

    To finance your training, read below.

    Included in the course

    • Access to 112+ LIVE sessions,
    • Support on Discord,
    • PDF materials provided,
    • IT certifications,
    • 24/7 Replay access for 100 days,
    • IT Mentoring (option),
    • Pre-hiring (option).

    Apply now

Finance my training

Once your application has been accepted, you have two(2) plans to finance your bootcamp: in Flexible personal financing or in Financing by a company .
  •   Flexible personal financing
  • In this case, you finance your training yourself. You can choose either One single payment or Payment in 4 installments. Payments are made by credit card or by bank transfer.

    One single payment

    A unique payment link is provided to you for payment by credit card. To pay by bank transfer, we'll send you our bank details.

    Payment in 4 installments, by RECONVERT

    You can pay in 4x without any fees with RECONVERT. The first payment is immediate and is made by credit card. The following 3 payments are settled afterwards: you receive a payment link by credit card each month. All you need is a credit card to be eligible for this offer.

  •   Financing by a company
  • In this case, all or part of your training is financed by a company, depending on whether you are an employee of the company or you are in the process of becoming one (pre-hiring).

    You are an employee of the company

    Your company can finance all or part of your training, as part of its internal training financing plan.

    You are in pre-hiring process

    Are you in the pre-hiring process with a company? You can then negotiate with your new employer how he can finance all or part of your training.

Do you live in Accra ?

« Dedicated IT room », Accra

If you live in Accra, you can attend the entire bootcamp by taking advantage of the Reconvert « Dedicated IT room », an infrastructure for LIVE and Replay+ sessions:

  • access to « Dedicated IT room »,
  • access to Intel i5 PC computers,
  • fiber optic internet access,
  • large screen for Zoom sessions,
  • close to all amenities,
  • single rate: $1 / day.

Dedicated IT room, in Accra


  •   How long does the course last?
  • The bootcamp lasts 57 workdays spread out over – lessons, Discord support, work on projects, hours with a mentor (option) and pre-hiring support (option).
  •   Where will the training take place?
  • The training takes place online, ie on Internet. The lessons take place in a virtual classroom using ZOOM or TEAMS, or Online self-paced. The support is via Discord.
  •   I’ve never coded. Can I enroll nevertheless ?
  • Yes. Even complete beginners can enroll. The different IT modules are tailored to your needs and will bring you step by step from zero to a skill immediately usable in your business.
  •   Can I enroll after the closing date ?
  • No. Once registration is closed, you can no longer enroll. You can enroll for the following training session as soon as registration opens.
  •   I’m an employee. Can I enroll to training course ?
  • Of course. This course is open to employees to enhance their careers, or even to switch to a new job. A lot of companies use our modules and sessions to train their staff in the Internet use at minimal cost. Your company can therefore finance your training directly. Or, if you are in France, your training can be financed via a fund-distributing organisation (contact us for details).
  •   Do I need to be good at maths to do this training course ?
  • No. You need to know how to use a computer correctly, to be motivated and to have a sense of logic. Your course is challenging so you need to keep up your motivation and stamina.
  •   I don’t have a bank card. How can I pay ?
  • As well as by bank card you can also pay by bank transfer (contact us for details). If you intend exceptionally to pay in cash, you have to sent us your request by email. Your registration is valid on receipt of payment.
  •   What kind of Internet connexion do I need ?
  • An Internet speed of 1 Mbps is recommended to attend your modules LIVE online. But, a lot of trainees can attend the course with slower speeds.
  •   Can I have a replay if I miss a live lesson ?
  • Yes. A replay is available for each live session. If you miss one, you have 72 hours to catch up with the replay. You can even connect to the same lesson live if it’s programmed at another date.
  •   What’s the difference between a Virtual class and an Online self-paced ?
  • During a live online session, the instructor and trainees are all connected at the same time for an interactive lesson with online tools – webcam, video, screen-sharing, raise your hand, interactive white-board, chat etc

    To attend the course via Online self-paced, you need to connect to our platform to access the recorded sessions. When offered, Online self-paced is available 24/24 for the duration of the training course. That’s the main advantage.
  •   Will I get a diploma after I finish the course ?
  • Better still, you will take 3 recognised professional certifying exams - PHP Zend Certified Engineer, Symfony Certified Developer and Python 3 TOSA Certification. Your training is adapted to company needs which allows you to adapt easily.

No strings pre-registration

1- You can pre-register without any committment by filling in the form. You’ll receive a complete syllabus of the courses immediately by email.

2- A member of our team will contact you to answer any questions you may have (financing, organisation, career coaching etc) and evaluate your motivation.

3- Our team will then ask you to complete your enrolment application which will quickly be given careful consideration.

4- If you are successful, we will then validate your registration. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your final registration.

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